8-0800|Heel care socks


These are part socks that cover the heels and ankles.

The inside of the heel is treated with a special urethane coating that contains natural moisturizing properties such as chitosan and fibroin (silk protein), which improves dry heels. It is recommended to wear it while sleeping.

Brown cotton is uncolored and the natural color of cotton.
Bengala Akane and Bengala Gray are dyed with Bengala.

|3 colors available|
02. Brown cotton, 38. Red iron oxide (pink), 39. Red iron oxide gray

Size | 23-26cm

Ankle length (covers the ankles)

Thickness | Slightly thin

Material: 70% cotton (100% organic cotton), 22% nylon, 6% rayon, 2% polyurethane

-Made in Japan (sock production area, Nara Prefecture)-

-Washing instructions-

・The water temperature should be limited to 30℃, and the item can be washed in a washing machine on a very gentle cycle. (Hand washing is recommended. If using a washing machine, place the item in a laundry bag.)
・It is best to hang dry in the shade.
-Do not bleach, tumble dry, dry clean or iron.


A factory brand that aims to create products that are kind to both the earth and people, dyeing organic cotton in natural colors.