8-0813 | Supima x Yak ribbed sandal socks


Supima cotton x yak ribbed sandal socks

These low-gauge sandal socks are soft and comfortable to wear, knitted from a blend of Supima cotton, the highest quality extra-long staple cotton, and yak yarn, which has excellent heat retention.
It has excellent heat retention properties, so in winter it can be used after a bath to prevent catching a cold.
We also recommend wearing it while you sleep until you warm up in bed.
You can also use it as an additional item, such as layering it with socks.
This is a useful item throughout the year, whether it's during the change of seasons or to protect yourself from the cold caused by air conditioning in the summer.

Yak product features

Yaks are mammals that live in extremely cold areas where temperatures can reach as low as -40℃. Their fur has excellent heat retention properties and is comfortable to wear without getting stuffy.

| Available in 2 colors |

11. Yak White 19. Yak Gray

* The fabric is made from a blend of extra-long staple Supima cotton and yak worsted wool , and is uncolored.

Size |20.5〜24.5cm

Length from heel | Mid-length

Thickness | Normal

Material: 77% cotton, 17% yak wool, 5% nylon, 1% polyurethane

-Made in Japan (sock production area, Nara Prefecture)-

-Washing instructions-

- The liquid temperature should be limited to 30℃ and the product can be washed on a very gentle cycle in a washing machine.
(Hand washing is recommended. If using a washing machine, place in a laundry net.)

・It is best to hang dry in the shade.
-Do not bleach, tumble dry, dry clean or iron.


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